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Review for 3rd (Final) Exam

Review for 3rd (Final) Exam - HIS 1307 Review for 3rd(Final...

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HIS 1307 Review for 3 rd (Final) Exam Format of exam: Part I (15 points): Reverse Identifications – I will provide the description/definition, and you provide the name/event/term/place, etc. – NO word bank on the exam – of 12 reverse ids, you choose 10 to answer Part II (25 points): Multiple Choice – these could cover terms, events, people, chronology, etc, and can be drawn from lecture, any items listed on the review for Parts I & III, or the books we’ve discussed – 15-25 questions Part III (50 points, though questions will be of varying values): Short Answer – these could cover events, ideas, connections between ideas, books we’ve discussed Part IV (10 points): One Cumulative Essay Question – you cannot prepare for this question specifically; I will ask your response to an idea based on what we’ve studied this semester; if you go back and review your notes a few times to refresh your memory, that should be adequate preparation Part I League of Nations Weimar Republic fascism Benito Mussolini March to Rome
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