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Extend Your Knowledge 5-4: Examples of Classified Balance Sheets Balance sheets are classifed as to current and non-current assets, current and non-current liabilities, and owner’s equity. How these are presented varies From company to company. In particular, you will see a number oF diFFerent treatments For capital assets. Capital assets are assets used in the operations oF a business For more than one accounting period and consist oF two groups: 1. Tangible capital assets, known as property, plant and equipment, and 2. Intangible capital assets, which excludes goodwill. Goodwill is an intangible asset but is shown separately on the balance sheet. Goodwill is not a capital asset. Review the balance sheets For the Following eight Canadian companies and note the presentation diFFerences:* 1. M olso n I nc. (balance sheet is on page 4 oF 28)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. C ame c o C o r p o r at io n (balance sheet is on page 3 oF 31) 3. lint Ene rg y S e r v ic es Lt d. (balance sheet is on page 3 oF 18) 4. D o mtar I nc. (balance sheet is on page 2 oF 49) 5. R e it mans (C ana da) Limit e d (balance sheet is on page 2 oF 13) 6. H udso n s B a y C o mpan y (balance sheet is on page 3 oF 21) 7. Stak e T e c hnolo g y Lt d. (balance sheet is on page 3 oF 39) 8. T r ansC ana da Pip e lines Limit e d (balance sheet is on page 48 oF 86) *Note: To get the balance sheet, click on the name oF the company above. The link will take you to the audited fnancial statements. To get to the balance sheet, place the cursor on the right-hand scroll bar and right click. Hold the right click (you will see page numbers ) and scroll down to the page number indicated to get to the balance sheet....
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