EYK7_2 - E x t e n d Y o u r K n o w l e d g e 7 2 G o o d...

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Unformatted text preview: E x t e n d Y o u r K n o w l e d g e 7 - 2 : G o o d S h i p p i n g N e w s : Wa r e h o u s e m a n a g e m e n t s y s t e m s p r o m i s e i m p r o v e d c o n t r o l a n d e f f i c i e n c y No technology is a perfect solution to any problem. Human ingenuity is an important part of any business, but the right technology can help a business sub- stantially. For instance, a good warehouse management system (WMS) gives a company better control of its stock and decreases errors, optimizing processes and the use of space. This increased efficiency can be critical for survival in the distribution industry, since warehouses today make their money by driving their costs down and moving inventories faster. In a hectic warehouse environment, an increasing number of smaller, cus- tomized orders can result in inefficient warehouse processes and make it difficult to fix common problems—wasted time looking for items, dead inventory or empty bins wasting space, duplicated information, etc. A WMS has an active database that keeps track of inventory by assigning items to zones and then individual bins within those zones—basically like call numbers on a book in a library....
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EYK7_2 - E x t e n d Y o u r K n o w l e d g e 7 2 G o o d...

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