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pv - Present Value PV The present value of an investment or...

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Present Value – PV The present value of an investment or an annuity can be calculated using Excel's PV function. See the table below for a detailed list of the exercises and problems in the text that can be solved using this function. Syntax =PV(rate,number of periods,payment,present value,type) Rate – Interest rate Number of periods – term of investment Payment – periodic payments where individual amounts are the same Future Value – value of the investment at end of term (0 if omitted) Type – when payment is to be made 0 – at end of period (assumed if left blank) 1 – at beginning of period General Example The following general example shows how the PV function can be used. Notice that the PV function appears in the formula bar. Using the PV Function in a Spreadsheet 1
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To calculate the present value of an investment or an annuity, create a spreadsheet by following Steps 1 to 7. Or, to use the PV function right away, open the FV worksheet in the Excel Functions Templates workbook. All fields have been formatted for you (currency, percentage, number of decimal displayed). Step 1 : In cell A1 enter PV Function . You will replace PV Function with your project title when you use your spreadsheet for a particular question or situation. Step 2 : In cell A3 enter Interest Rate per Compounding Period . In cell A4 enter Total Number of Compounding Periods . In cell A5 enter Payment or Deposit per Compounding Period . In cell A6 enter Future Value . In cell A7 enter Type (Ordinary or Due) . In cell A8 enter Answer . Step 3 : Leave cells B3 to B7 empty. You will place values in these cells later. Step 4 : Select cell B8, and then click the Paste Function button fx on the Toolbar. In the Function Category list, click on All . In the Function Name list, click on PV , then click OK .
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