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Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology Course Information Sheet Course Name: OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT I Credits: 3 Course Number: OPER1401 Prerequisite No.: None Prerequisite Name: None Corequisite No.: None Corequisite Name: None Equivalency No.: None Equivalency Name: None Certificates and Diplomas A minimum grade of 50% is required to proceed from a pre-requisite course to the next course. A minimum grade of 50% in all courses and a weighted average of 60% are required for promotion to the next level or year of the program and for graduation. (Please refer to the Niagara College practices on Grading and the Transcript and Graduation and Promotion Requirements.) Offered in the following programs/term: Business Administration (Common) - Term One Prepared by: R. Shepherd Date: June 2005 Co-ordinator: Date: _____________________ R. Shepherd Approved by: Date: _____________________ (N. Chartrand, Dean) Division: Business and Entrepreneurship Current Academic Year: 2005/2006 Date: Fall 2005 COURSE DESCRIPTION: An introduction to Operations Management gives the student an overview of the skills required by managers when operating small to large businesses within the manufacturing, transportation, government, education, health, retail, and many other service sectors of the economy. Major topics include the operations management function, heritage of operations management, creation of goods and services, customer service, forecasting techniques, procurement and just-in-time strategies, aggregate planning, inventory management, materials requirements planning, scheduling techniques, quality management and control techniques, and productivity improvement.
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COURSE NO.: OPER1401 PAGE 2 TEXTBOOKS and MATERIALS REQUIRED: OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT - By: Jay Heizer, Barry Render; (Just-in-Time Custom Edition); Prentice Hall, Inc.; ISBN: 0536935041 CE students use ISBN: 053689289X
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