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ch07 - Self Study Unit Outline

ch07 - Self Study Unit Outline - 4 Name 4 costs of quality...

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Operations Management I OPER1401 Unit 7 Managimg Quality : Self Study Component 1. Identify two ways quality can improve profitability. 2. Explain quality as defined by the following - the American Society for Quality. - the user - manufacturing based - product based 3. Identify and briefly explain 3 implications of quality.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Name 4 costs of quality. 5. Briefly explain ISO9000. 6. What is total quality management? 7. Identify and briefly explain the 6 concepts for an effective TQM program. 8. Identify 7 tools of TQM. 9. Define the role of inspection in a TQM environment. 10. List the 10 determinants of service quality....
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