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Learning - to learning include • Adults entering a new...

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Learning Characteristics that facilitate learning include: Adults have a rich set of life experiences which they will relate to their learning. Adults prefer to direct their own life and be responsible for their own learning. Adults like to see the relevance and applicability of their learning to their situation. Adults usually have clear goals and interests and immediate problems to solve. Adults usually know how they learn best. Adults are competent in evaluating their own performance in most aspects of their life. Adults have most often chosen to engage in learning and are therefore interested and motivated. Characteristics that produce resistance
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Unformatted text preview: to learning include: • Adults entering a new learning experience may be anxious and lacking in confidence. • Adults who are anxious or unsure may exhibit dependent and even child-like behaviours. • Adults have numerous commitments and responsibilities outside the learning environment. • Adults have well-established values and attitudes which may be resistant to change. • Adults may have negative past associations with learning. • Adults often come to a learning situation as a result of a dilemma or life crisis. • Adults who have been required to engage in learning may be resistant to learning....
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