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Quiz 06 - Key Terms - • Issue facing benefits managers...

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Key Terms for Final Quiz Study these concepts to support your success on your next quiz! Strike pay Severance pay Termination pay Sick pay Employment insurance CPP: retirement, survivor, disability Old Age Security WSIB (workers’ compensation) STD A deductible Dental coverage Life insurance Coinsurance Health care plans Pension plans LTD Drug plans Vesting EAP programs Legal aid benefits Rehabilitation AA/NA Golden parachute
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Unformatted text preview: • Issue facing benefits managers • Occupational disabilities: chronic fatigue, psychiatric, repetitive strain injuries, back injuries, HIV/AIDS • Due diligence • Reasonable cause • Right to refuse work • Safety begins where… • Causes of accidents • Psychological climate of the workplace • WSIB premiums proportional to • Wellness programs • Charter of Rights re: Health and Safety 1...
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