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Test Two Review Chapters Chapter Five: 1. Reliability 2. Validity 3. Types of interview questions 4. Prohibited interview questions 5. Steps in the interview process 6. Types of tests 7. Realistic job reviews 8. Who is responsible for the selection process? Chapter Six: 1. Orientation 2. Socialization 3. Steps in the training process 4. Types of training 5. Levels of training evaluation 6. Benefits of Training Chapter Seven 1. Role of HR staff in performance appraisals 2. Role of managers in performance appraisals 3. Problems with performance appraisals 4. Performance management vs. performance appraisals
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Types of performance appraisal tools 6. Advantages and disadvantages of specific tools 7. Steps in completing a performance appraisals 8. Links to compensation 9. Purpose of appraisals Chapter Eight 1. Employee compensation 2. Hourly rates 3. Incentive pays 4. Employee motivation 5. Role of employment standards 6. Internal equity 7. External equity 8. Piecework 9. Standard hour plan 10. Profit sharing 11. Spot Bonuses 12. Salary and commission 13. Gainsharing 14. Merit pay 15. Lump-sum bonuses...
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