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Target Market Assignment - BUSINESS ENTREPRENEURSHIP...

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Marketing 1301/1101 B. Smith, M. Howe, B. Pett Target Marketing Assignment WINTER 2005 In this assignment, you will analyze the target market for a product that was introduced in the past 6-12 months and is targeted to adults. By studying the product, its attributes, price, distribution and promotion, you can successfully identify the target market across both demographic and psychographic characteristics. Using a chart similar to the example attached, describe the target market for your chosen product. Try to cover each of the “dimensions” of segmentation given. Include all geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral dimensions of segmentation. The chart should be one page, using examples from the actual marketing mix to support your target choices. i.e. promotion, distribution, product attributes and pricing. After each choice in your chart, offer concrete evidence to support the choice you made. Write a one-page essay that includes the following
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Target Market Assignment - BUSINESS ENTREPRENEURSHIP...

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