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MKTG 1301 Practice Test #3 1. A ____________ is everything, both favorable and unfavorable, that a person receives in an exchange. It can be tangible, intangible, a service, an idea, or a combination of these things. a. brand equity b. quality c. warranty d. product liability e. product 2. Office Supply Inc. is advertised as offering high quality office equipment, specializing in modular desks and computer set up. For Office Supply Inc., the office equipment is a(n): a. specialty product b. consumer product c. business product d. convenience product e. unsought product 3. ____________ are products that are not known about or not actively searched for by consumers. These products require aggressive personal selling and highly persuasive advertising. a. Convenience products b. Specialty products c. Equity products d. Unsought products e. Shopping products 4. Product mix width may be defined as: a. the number of different product categories found within an industry b. the average number of products within each product line in the company c. the average number of products offered by the company d. the number of different product lines that an organization offers for sale e. the extensiveness of the coverage of the line from high end (expensive) to low end (inexpensive) 5. When consumers immediately think of a specific brand when a product category, use situation, product attribute, or customer benefit is mentioned, the brand is a: a. evoked set b. positioned name c. equity brand name d. master brand e. dominant trademark
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6. The brand name of a manufacturer, such as Kodak, La-Z-Boy, Fruit-of-the-Loom, and Harley- Davidson, is called a(n): a. manufacturers' brand b. private brand c. family brand d. individual brand e. generic brand 7. When a company markets several different products under the same brand name, it is referred to as a(n): a. family brand b. generic brand c. bargain brand d. dealer brand e. individual brand 8. Which of the following is NOT considered a new product by marketers? a. a 1998 model year Maytag washer with the same style, parts, and colour as the 1997 model b. Tide laundry detergent with added bleach c. exclusive competition skis now targeted at the general skiing public d. a new flavour of Jell-O pudding e. a first-time-ever autopilot system for automobiles 9. Hallmark recently announced the addition of 117 new greeting cards - for pets. According to Hallmark's research, 75 percent of pet owners give Christmas presents to their pets, and 40 percent celebrate their pets' birthdays. This offering can be classified as a(n): a. repositioning strategy b. new product line
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test3fall2005_review - MKTG 1301 Practice Test #3 1. A _ is...

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