test2fall2005_review - MKTG 1301 Practice Test#2 1 A firm...

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Practice Test #2 1. A firm selling two or more products with different features targeted to different market segments is using: a. dual distribution. b. market differentiation. c. product differentiation. d. market penetration. e. full coverage. 2. In marketing, the most common meaning of the word “market” is: a. a store that sells groceries. b. any place consumers can buy things. c. a particular line of products or specific line of merchandise for sale. d. a group of companies that have goods for sale. e. people with the desire and with the ability to buy a specific product. 3. Office Supply Inc. is advertised as offering high quality office equipment, specializing in modular desks and computer set up. For Office Supply Inc., the office equipment is a(n): a. specialty product b. consumer product c. business product d. convenience product e. unsought product 4. Consumer activities, interests, and opinions are considered: a. psychological variables. b. consumer behaviour. c. attitudes. d. psychographic variables. e. demographic variables. 5. The quantity consumed or patronage (store visits) during a specific period is called: a. trial. b.
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test2fall2005_review - MKTG 1301 Practice Test#2 1 A firm...

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