Ch16_P01B - $10,000 c. Cumulative effect of change in...

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Fundamental Accounting Principles Student Name: Eleventh Canadian Editon, by Larson, Jensen, and Carroll Class: SPATS Problem 16-1B Press F5, enter a cell reference, and click on <OK> to go to one of the following data entry areas: REPORT REFERENCEPRINT AREA Calculations M1 M4:P55 Given Data S1
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REPORT REFERENCE Given Data S1 0 0 SPATS Problem 16-1B Barbour Corp. Calculations Part 1 - Effect of income taxes (losses) 30% After-Tax Pretax Tax Effect Measure Part 2 - Income from continuing operations: Part 3 - Income from discontinued operations: Part 4 - Income before extraordinary items and the cumulative effect of the change in principle: Part 5 - Net income:
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Given Data: Barbour Corp. Adjusted Trial Balance December 31, 2005 Debit Credit a. Accumulated amortization, buildings 200,000 b. Interest earned
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Unformatted text preview: $10,000 c. Cumulative effect of change in accounting principle (pre-tax) 46,000 d. Sales 1,320,000 e. Income taxes expense ? f. Loss on condemnation of property tax(pre-tax) 32,000 g. Accumulated amortization, equipment 110,000 h. Other operating expenses 164,000 i. Amortization expense, equipment $50,000 j. Loss from settling a lawsuit 18,000 k. Gain from settling a lawsuit 34,000 l. Loss on sale of equipment 12,000 m. Loss from operating a discontinued operation's assets (pre-tax 60,000 n. Amortization expense, buildings 78,000 o. Correction of overstatement of prior year's sales (pre-tax) 24,000 p. Cost of goods sold 520,000 q. Losson sale of discontinued operation (pre-tax) 90,000 r. Accounts payable 66,000...
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Ch16_P01B - $10,000 c. Cumulative effect of change in...

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