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quiz5 - law B l = μ nI l or B= μ nI b If the same length...

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Name:______________________________ version A ID#:________________________________ Disc. TA:____________________________ Date:_________________Hour:__________ a) A wire of length L and carrying a current I is wound into a solenoid as shown. What is the mag- netic field inside this solenoid? Assume L is large enough that a large number of turns can be made and that D>>R. First calculate number of turns N=L/(2 π r) Then turns per unit length n= L/(2 π r)/D Then magnetic field B= μ 0 nI= μ 0 LI/(2 π r)/D If you don’t remember preceeding, use Ampere’s
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Unformatted text preview: law: B l = μ nI l or B= μ nI b) If the same length of wire is now wound into a new solenoid with length = 3D, how does the magnetic field inside the coil change. The only thing that changes in the formula for B in part A is the length, so the field goes down by a factor of 3. c) For the new solenoid, what is the total magnetic flux passing through one of the loops. The magnetic flux is the magnetic field times the area, so φ B = μ LI/(2 π r)/3D * π r 2 = μ LIr/6/D =...
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