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INTRODUCTION These questions might appear on the tests. Be sure you can answer them, The study of prehistoric Earth: According to this archbishop’s scholarly interpretation of ancient literary sources, the Earth is about 6000 years old? “Strata” is the geology word for rock layers and layering. 17 th century Christian scholars attribute strata to this biblical event. The Catholic saint who proposed fundamental geological principles: The oldest layer is on the bottom: Sediments are laid down flat and parallel to each other: An intrusion is younger than the rock into which it intrudes: Fossils delineate different geologic eras: This gradualist is considered the father of modern geology.
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Using fossils for arranging a sequence of rock layers according to their order of formation. William Smith’s middle name: Famous French pioneer in anatomy and paleontology: The present is the key to the past. This uniformitarianist had a major influence on Darwin:
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