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Unformatted text preview: My Name is: ________________________________ CARBONIFEROUS EXERCISE 299 - 360 My In America, the late Carboniferous is referred to as the: ___________________________________ The stratigraphy shown on the left was repeated some 100 times in the upper Carboniferous and is responsible for much of the world's coal reserves. Explain what was going on. In North America, the Early Carboniferous is known as the: ____________________________________ Sea level was high in the early Carboniferous , resulting in thick limestones over most of the U.S. Describe the significance of these Mississippian limestones in US culture: 11-1 These animals must have formed veritable forests on the Mississippian Sea floor. What is this common bryozoan of the Mississippian system? These plants dominated the Mississippian landscape. This group of animals radiated in the new Mississippian forests-probably due to lack of competition--the reptiles did not appear until the later Carboniferous. The Ouachita fold belt was produced by the collision of what two continents in Carboniferous time? 11-2 ...
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Topic%2011_Carboniferous_Exercise - My Name is...

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