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Unformatted text preview: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 6.02 Spring 2008 Homework #10 April 25, 2008 This problem set has six questions, some with multiple parts. Answer them as clearly and concisely as possible. Turn in your solutions during class on Friday, May 2, 2008 . 1 A Little TDM Alyssa P. Hacker is running some experiments on a TDM circuit-switched network switch. All packets are of the same size. The rate of the link connected to the switch is μ = 1000 packets per second. The link can support 24 concurrent conversations between different pairs of nodes. In a given experiment, she picks a random number of conversations, r , and has them communicate using the switch. She measures the expected per-frame delay at the receiver ( D ), and also monitors the number of frames in the switch with time (if a frame shows up earlier than its allocated time slot, the switch stores the frame until it is ready to be sent). The expected number of frames in the switch is N . No frames are dropped in her experiments. Somewhat to her surprise, she finds that the product D · μ is often not equal to N . Explain this “violation” of Little’s law. 2 Slotted Aloha We derived the formula for the throughput of a broadcast network using Aloha in class. That version of Aloha was unslotted because each sender was allowed to send at any time. Suppose webecause each sender was allowed to send at any time....
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hw10_networking_intro_channel_access - Massachusetts...

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