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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 6.02 Spring 2008 Homework #12 May 9, 2008 This problem set has five questions. They will not be graded, so don’t turn them in. We strongly encourage to solve these problems because they will help reinforce the concepts of the last two lectures and the last lab, and serve as useful practice for Quiz 3. 1 Windows To broadcast live course lectures to each other, MIT and Berkeley decide to set up a dedicated network path between themselves. This path has a data rate of 10 MBytes/s and a round-trip delay of 100 ms. A student at Berkeley interested in a 6.082 lecture downloads the video using a reliable transport protocol that uses a fixed-size sliding window. 1. If the size of the window is 20 packets, what should the minimum size of each packet be for the download speed to be maximized? 2. For the packet size obtained in the previous question, what happens to the data download rate if the window size is increased to 40 packets? 2 A dduupplliiccaattiinngg network Alice has arraged to send a stream of data to Bob using the following protocol: 1. Each packet has an incrementing sequence number; sequence numbers start at 1. 2. Whenever Bob receives a packet of data with sequence number N, he sends back an OK packet that says: “OK to send packet N + 1”. 3. Whenever Alice receives an “OK to send K ”, she sends the packet with sequence number K . Alice initiates the protocol by sending a packet with sequence number 1 and terminates it by ignoring any “OK to send packet K ” for which K is larger than the sequence number of the last packet she wants to send. Thanks to a bug, the network between Alice and Bob behaves weirdly: it duplicates
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hw12 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of...

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