Lec 27 - University of California, Berkeley Architecture...

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University of California, Berkeley Professor Littmann Architecture 170b An Historical Survey of Architecture and Urbanism Architecture 170b Lecture 27 4/26/2007 Increased Aerial Bombings during the Second World War Massive affect on the cities Tremendous damage o Tokyo, Japan 900,000 Japanese perish Flame bombs burned the city level o Rotterdam, Netherlands Nazi bombed and completely leveled the city Japanese Internment Camps o Buildings of standardized parts and mass produced o Shows the power of the United States to shape the landscape Huge institutions were built in the West o Moving the Japanese to these camps was for national security o 1942 – more than 100,000 Japanese leave their homes and jobs to live in these internments 17,000 under ten were interned o Manzanar, Topaz, Tule Lakes, Poston, Gila River, Minidoka, Granada, Heart Mtn., Rohwer, Jerome These Japanese were not allowed to live in the west coast\ California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona Topaz, Utah 4600 feet in elevation o Temperature extremes, very hot and very cold Built so quick, it was built with standardized plan o Each block contains living barracks, a mess hall for eating, a recreation building, and a lavatory in the middle Topaz had 34 blocks o Each block with 250 people Long House o Partition walls were terrible Churches, schools, baseball diamonds, farms, cattle ranch o These camps were partially self-sustaining o Japanese placed their possessions with Buddhist churches protected by whites
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Lec 27 - University of California, Berkeley Architecture...

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