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CC Pre Season Workout

CC Pre Season Workout - Wednesday Fast running This may be...

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University of Texas at Dallas Women’s Cross County  Pre-Season Workout 2009 Monday - Long run: 6-8K at a moderate pace. However, toward the end of  the month, the intensity of this effort increases, so that the 8-10K distance  is covered in 56-62 minutes. Tuesday - Hill work: 15 repetitions on a steep, hill (use treadmill as an  alternate). The uphill pace is moderate, but climbing velocity begins to  resemble race pace at the end of the month.
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Unformatted text preview: Wednesday - Fast running: This may be a fartlek workout covering 6K, in which two minutes of race-pace running are alternated with one minute of easy jogging. Thursday - A moderate 5-8k workout, at an 'enjoyable' pace (an intensity of around 80 per cent of maximal heart rate). Friday - Hills (see Tuesday) or 45 minutes of easy running. Saturday - some speed work (200s, 400s, 800s, 1000s, etc.)...
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