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EE – 537: Summer 2009 Survey of Modern Solid State Devices Instructor : Dr. Kian Kaviani, PHE528, Tel: (213)740-8495, e-mail : [email protected] Office hrs: Textbook: Semiconductor Physics & Devices; 3 rd . Ed. by D. A. Neamen, Irwin / Mc Graw Hill Publishing, 2006 Reference: Reader Material on Semiconductor Device Physics ; by John O’Brien; USC Viterbi School of Engineering, Hsieh Ming Electrical Engineering, summer 2009, USC Bookstore Prerequisite: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering or consent of instructor. Course Objective : This is a course intended for first year graduate students in electrical engineering. The nature of this course is familiarizing the students with the basic operations of various electronic devices, assumptions used in the derivation of the equations governing their operations and electrical characteristics. The topics covered are the following Course Content Extrinsic vs. extrinsic semiconductors, doping effects, density of states, Fermi – Dirac statistics. Carrier modeling and transport, electron, holes, mobility, resistivity, effective mass, current flow in semiconductors, drift vs. diffusion, generation and recombination non equilibrium processes, Fermi level and introduction to quantum mechanics. PN diodes,
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This note was uploaded on 08/23/2009 for the course EE 537 taught by Professor Kaviani during the Summer '08 term at USC.

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schedule-su09-1 - EE 537 Summer 2009 Survey of Modern Solid...

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