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BIOLOGY 1510 BIOLOGICAL PRINCIPLES FALL 2009 Faculty: Jung Choi (JC) 213 Cherry-Emerson Building tel: 404-894-8423 email: [email protected] Tonya Shearer (TS) tel: 404 385-4434 email: [email protected] Prerequisites : Good background in high school biology and chemistry. Description: This is an active-learning class that introduces students to basic principles of modern biology, including biomacromolecules, bioenergetics, cell structure, genetics, homeostasis, evolution, and ecological relationships. This course will foster the development of critical scientific skills including hypothesis testing, experimental design, data analysis and interpretation, and scientific communication. Textbook: Campbell, N.A. et al. (2008). Biology , 8 th Edition. Benjamin Cummings, San Francisco. We have arranged special pricing through the bookstore for hardcover, looseleaf-bound and ebook versions of the textbook bundled with a PRS coupon and access to the Mastering Biology website. PRS: An Interwrite PRS-RF unit ("clicker") is required and will be used for quizzes and interactive lecture sessions, which will contribute to the "participation" portion of your course grade. Organization: The course is organized into five modules, each of which deals with a major area of modern biology. Honor Code: All students are expected to abide by the Academic Honor Code, which can be viewed online at http://www.honor.gatech.edu. Lectures: Attendance in lecture correlates strongly with performance in Biology 1510. We will make our lecture slides available via T-Square and urge you to download and print them for use in taking notes during lecture. The lectures and readings are complementary and some materials will be presented only in lecture. Please complete each reading assignment before class. Lecture Exams: Four midterm exams and the final exam. The midterm exams will be held in the evening, are closed-book and will be made up of multiple-choice questions based on topics, materials, and discussions presented in class, in the assigned readings, and in the Mastering Biology assignments. Exams and quizzes may also be given in the laboratory and on-line on Mastering Biology and T-square. Missed Exams: If you miss an exam for any reason, you will receive a grade of 0 (zero) on that exam unless you petition us for a makeup exam within 24 h of the start of the missed exam, and we approve your petition. Your petition must be submitted in writing and must include documentation of a legitimate reason for missing the exam. You can, of course, submit your petition before the exam if you know of your scheduling conflict in advance. We will consider each petition individually. Examples of legitimate reasons to miss an exam include illness, illness or death
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B1510F09_Syllabusv3 - BIOLOGY 1510 Faculty BIOLOGICAL...

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