Hal uhal pronounced micro hal is the arm hardware

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Unformatted text preview: OC Consortium Course Material 6 μC/OS-II vs. μHAL uHAL (pronounced Micro-HAL) is the ARM Hardware Abstraction Layer that is the basis of the ARM Firmware Suite uHAL is a basic library that enables simple application to run on a variety of ARM-based development systems Real-time OS uC/OS-II use uHAL to access ARM-based hardware uC/OS-II & User application AFS Utilities C, C++ libraries uHAL routines AFS support routines Development board SoC Design Laboratory SOC Consortium Course Material 7 Task Task is an instance of program Task thinks that it has the CPU all to itself Real-time OS Task is assigned a unique priority Task has its own set of stack Task has its own set of CPU registers (backup in its stack) Task is the basic unit for scheduling Task status are stored in Task Control Block (TCB) SoC Design Laboratory SOC Consortium Course Material 8 Task Structure Task structure: An infinite loop Real-time OS An self-delete function Task with infinite loop structure Task that delete itself void ExampleTask(void *pdata) { for(;;) { /* User Code */ /* System Call */ /* User Code */ } } void ExampleTask(void *pdata) { /* User Code */ OSTaskDel(PRIO_SELF); } SoC Design Lab...
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  • Spring '05
  • Tian-SheuanChang
  • Real-time computing, Real-time operating system, embedded system, Earliest deadline first scheduling, SoC Design Laboratory

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