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Unformatted text preview: Synthesis Guidelines Synthesis Guidelines Tian-Sheuan Chang Macro Synthesis Strategy • Strategy – Top down for designs < 100K gates • simpler – Bottom up for designs > 100K gates • Faster run time • Timing constraints Tian-Sheuan Chang Synthesis Guidelines – Key to successful synthesis and physical design – Start as the part of specification and reviewed regularly – Including • • • • • • Clock definition Setup time for macro synchronous input Clock to output delay for macro synchronous output Input/output delay for all combinational path Input driving and output loading Operating conditions 1 Copyright ©2003 All rights reserved Subblock Synthesis Strategy • Similar guidelines as macro synthesis strategy • Start preliminary synthesis ASAP Tian-Sheuan Chang Synthesis Guidelines – Identify and fix timing problems early – Modify or restructure the RTL according – Target : within 10 ~ 20% of the final timing budget 2 Copyright ©2003 All rights reserved Synthesis Process • Subblock level – – – – Complete each subblock using specified timing Perform characterization for each block Refine the constraints and resynthesize Iterate if required • Macro level Tian-Sheuan Chang Synthesis Guidelines – Top down • Perform characterization on macro using top level constraints • Incremental compile – Bottom up • Compile each subblocks using timing budget • Perform characterization on macro using top level constraints • Incremental compile • Preserve clock and reset networks – Set infinite driving strength 3 Copyright ©2003 All rights reserved Synthesis Related Checking • Before synthesis – Run linter • Unintentional latch, non-synthesizable RTL, incomplete sensitivity list, … – Syntax checking of synthesis script – Elaboration checking Tian-Sheuan Chang Synthesis Guidelines • Types of inferred sequential elements, resource allocations • After synthesis – – – – – Combinational loop checking Latch checking Design rule violation checking Testability checking Equivalence checking • Check equivalence between RTL and synthesized netlist 4 Copyright ©2003 All rights reserved Coding Guidelines for Synthesis Scripts • • • • Header Comments Under revision control system No hard-coded numbers and path – Variables used in the body and values set at the top Tian-Sheuan Chang Synthesis Guidelines • As simple as possible • Common comments reside in a single setup file – Library path,search path… • Thorough test of scripts for parameterized soft macros 5 Copyright ©2003 All rights reserved ...
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