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Unformatted text preview: ARM Integrator Checking 為了確認 ARM boards 在每次實驗後是否完好,請在每次實驗完後做以下的確認, 並請所屬的助教檢查。 AP: Integrator/AP CM: Core Module LM: Logic Module 1. Check the LM [1] Connect the Multi-ICE interface cable to the JTAG connector on CM. [2] Connect the null-modem cable between COM1 of AP and COM1 of a PC. [3] Set the 4-pole DIL switch (S1) near the keyboard connector on AP to the status: ON OFF OFF ON The system will run the boot monitor [4] Set the 4-way DIP switch (S1) on LM to the status: OPEN CLOSED OPEN CLOSED Switch up is OPEN; switch down is CLOSED. Testing program has already been loaded into the Flash image 1. This DIP setting let LM run this image when LM is powered. [5] Power-on the Integrator. The following LEDs and Alphanumeric display light up. AP − − − − − CM D2 (3V2) D2 (5V) D2 (12V) D6 (FPGA OK) under the LM Alphanumeric display near CM will show ‘H’, another one won’t . − POWER − FPGA OK − MISC LM − PWR − FPGA OK − LED 0~7 flash in sequence. [6] Return the 4-way DIP switch (S1) on LM to the original setting: CLOSED CLOSED OPEN CLOSED 1 2. Check the Multi-ICE: [1] Start the “Multi-ICE server” program. Press Auto-Configure Check the result as follows: Figure 1. Result after pressing Auto-Configure button. The processor name may be “ARM720T”, if you use this kind of CM. 3. Check the AP and CM [1] Start “HyperTerminal” program, and start a new connection. "C:\Program Files\Accessories\HyperTerminal\HYPERTRM.EXE" The serial port settings are: ‧Speed baud: 38400 ‧Data bits : 8 ‧Parity : None ‧Stop bits : 1 ‧Flow control : Xon/Xoff Note: command in HyperTerminal is not case sensitive, i.e., type ‘n’ or ‘N’ result in the same response. [2] Make sure the S1 switch status as step 1. [3]. [3] Reset the Integrator with one of the following two methods: (1) Use “Reset Target” on the Multi-ICE server. (2) Press “Reset button” on AP. A message similar to Figure 2 should be displayed on the HyperTerminal. [4] Type ‘t’ to run the system self tests. A message similar to Figure 3 should be displayed on the HyperTerminal. 2 In line 10 of Figure 3, an inquiry “Did you see the LEDs flash in sequence[Yn]?” appears. If you see D7, D8, D9 and D10 all light, type ‘Y’, otherwise type ‘N’. If you type ‘N’, please contact TA. ARM bootPROM [Version 1.2] Rebuilt on Sep 20 2000 at 13:51:50 Running on a Integrator Evaluation Board Board Revision V1.0, ARM7TDMI Processor Memory Size is 256KBytes, Flash Size is 32MBytes Copyright (c) ARM Limited 1999 - 2000. All rights reserved. Board designed by ARM Limited Hardware support provided at Figure 2. System startup 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 boot Monitor > t Generic Tests Type any character to abort the tests Timer tests Running Timer tests ++++++++++ Timer tests successful LED flashing test Lighting all 4 LEDs in sequence Did you see the LEDs flash in sequence[Yn]? y ...performed 2 tests, 0 failures Board Specific Tests Type any character to abort the tests Keyboard/mouse tests Initialising KMI interface ========================== KMI: wrote FF KMI: wrote FF Port 0: Device unsupported or absent Port 1: Device unsupported or absent ...performed 1 tests, 0 failures boot Monitor > Figure 3. Run the system self tests. Acronym: KMI: Keyboard and Mouse Interface 3 ...
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