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Lorena Padilla Patriot High School Riverside, Ca 92509 June 8, 2009 Dear David Faber, Hello, my name in Lorena Padilla and I am a sophomore at Patriot High School. I would just like to thank you for taking your time and coming to our school to help us understand exactly what you experienced during the Holocaust. I have read and learned certain things about the Holocaust but having someone who actually lived through it describe the tragic event which never should have occurred makes it seem so much more realistic and helps achieve the goal of never having such a tragedy ever happen again. As you told how your beloved family was wrongfully
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Unformatted text preview: murdered, I imagined seeing my own family being put through such horrifying treatment and could not hold the tears in. By simply imaging it, I was completely devastated and I cannot believe how strong you must be to live through that and even share to others what happened. I’m sure it takes a lot from you to retell the events and for this reason I would like to thank you for helping every sophomore in my school learn how wrong this situation was and how it never should have happened. Thank you once again, Lorena Padilla...
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