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1. Frankincense, myrrh, spices, textiles, metals, olive oil, wine 2. gold, ivory, spices, wheat animals, plant 3. petroleum, oil, beach sand (rich in minerals) 4. animal products, turquoise, other local goods, 5. spices, gems, textiles, luxury goods, 6. David, Moses, pieta, painter of Sistine chapel ceiling 7. Mona Lisa, scientific investigator 8. tragedy of Julius Caesar, hamlet 9. manual of christian dagger, praise of folly 10.history of king Richard III, Utopia 11.the marriage of the virgin, St.Sebastian 12. letter to Boccaccio, the sonnets 13. humanism 14. middle ages- perspective limited to some modeling attempt to be realistic was not perfected until Renaissance 15. 1.concerned w/ extravagance of church 2. new beliefs about humans as a result of the Renaissance 3. middle class wanted more control 4. increased clashes between kings and church 16. martin Luther 17. john Calvin
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Unformatted text preview: 18. Henry VII 19. Lutheranism 20. Francis II 21. Roman Catholics 22. Elizabeth I 23. rise 24. Edict of Nates 25. Cardinal Richelieu 26. clergy 27. the Jesuits 28. inquisition * the Reformation divided the countries of Europe on religious principles leading to religious intolerance * power in most European states were concentrated in the monarch *that gradually religious toleration emerged, along with democratic thought 29. printing press 30. (no official date) between 14th-15th century, 1517 31. Portugal ; discovered an ocean route from portugal to east 32. Spain ; disc. the coast of South America 33. Spain ; 1st to sail completely across pacific ocean and to circumnavigate the world 34. france; disc. St.Lawrence river 35. Spain ; learns about the lands of Aztecs 36. Spain ; traveled along america by peru/ conquered &colonized Peru...
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