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Dante The Heretic redo - Dante The Heretic Dante was an...

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Dante The Heretic Dante was an Italian poet from Florence who lived between 1265 and 1321. Dante wrote the Divine Comedy , which consists of The Inferno, The Purgatorio, and The Paradiso. Dante was considered by some to be a heretic and unorthodox. The reasoning behind people’s judgments revolves around the concept of canonical rules and law. In this context, canonical means conforming to orthodox or well-established rules or patterns, as of procedure. The western canon, which was the prevalent canon where Dante resided, had an interesting idea of what was and was not acceptable. One opinion states, “Viewed this way, Dante becomes an emblem of everything contemporary critics of the Western canon bitterly hate and reject.” (Anthology, Cantor, p187) “One of the principal charges against the Western canon is that is Eurocentric, that it remains confined within a narrow orbit of European ideas and beliefs, thus excluding all other views of the world. A corollary of the idea of Eurocentralism is the concept of Orientalism.” “The orient was chiefly represented by the Muslim world.” So is this saying that Dante favored the Muslim and Oriental World? (Anthology, Cantor, p187) Is it uncanonical to be in favor of the Western canon because it is Eurocentric, which they consider Orientalism? Dante supported the Muslim culture through writing, opposing Catholicism through his placement of authority figures in the various locations in hell. Dante opposed Catholicism outright by placing popes in hell in The Inferno, and other authority figures into Limbo. These people were considered to be very important but Dante demeans them by were he placed them in the afterlife. Dante’s use and abuse of Limbo played a part in making Dante appear non
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Dante The Heretic redo - Dante The Heretic Dante was an...

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