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Don Giovanni Final Draft - Don Giovanni's Male Chauvinism...

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Don Giovanni’s Male Chauvinism vs. Modern male Chauvinism Don Giovanni took place in the seventeenth century Spain. Values in that century are significantly different from modern values and ethics. The main character, Don Giovanni, is very chauvinistic to women. While chauvinism is still common in today’s society, it is not widely tolerated. However, some men continue to think of women as sex objects. Male chauvinism is “a male who patronizes, disparages, or otherwise denigrates females in the belief that they are inferior to males and thus deserving of less than equal treatment or benefit.”(dictionary…) The psychology and culture behind Don Giovanni's actions are interesting. What influences made Don Giovanni act this way and how does this compare to modern influences and practices? The roots of male chauvinism extend as far back as a time when everyone spoke Latin (Karras, pg.77-78). Males were taught that it was, “at least not unusual to demonstrate or fulfill their heterosexual desire by force.” (Karras, pg.78). Male chauvinism stems from the ego. Freud speculated about the idea of the id. The id was described as “consists of strong, undisciplined urges for self-preservation, love, and sexual satisfaction, as well as unrestrained aggressive desires and destructive impulses.” ( betterbudha…)Historically, men tend to have larger egos than women due to the level of testosterone they have compared to women. This is supported by the scientific facts of “Men and women differ biologically mainly because men produce 10 to 20 times as much testosterone as most women do, and this chemical, no one seriously disputes, profoundly affects physique, behavior, mood and self-understanding” (…) Perhaps because of survival instincts from the hunter-gatherer society, they have the need to feel important and exert dominance. Rape is not an act of sex but of claiming a place in
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the community (Karras, pg.148). Rape is about power and control not sexual release or pleasure. Don Giovanni has a need to be wanted and to have a high place of dominance in his community. His actions are a direct result of his ego and selfishness. The need to feel superior is very prominent in Don Giovanni. Flaunting his wealth is one of the ways Don Giovanni seeks to make himself appear more worthy. Seducing women is another way of exerting himself and illustrates his need for power. Power and superiority are of extreme importance to Don Giovanni and supercede the rights or needs of others. These overpowering needs probably stem from low self-esteem, which will not be easily overcome. “A man who believes that males are supernaturally dominant and females
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Don Giovanni Final Draft - Don Giovanni's Male Chauvinism...

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