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don giovanni - The libretto for Don Giovanni by Lorenzo da...

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The libretto for Don Giovanni by Lorenzo da Ponte is based upon the legend of Don Juan. Operatically accompanied by music composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the opera has sustained popularity since 1787 when it premiered. The story is a story of excess, revenge and retribution. Don Giovanni, a pre-modern gigolo, meets his match in three of his wronged conquests: Donna Anna, Zerlina and Elvira. Previously unaccountable for his many amorous actions, Don Giovanni is faced with the actions of the female leads that seek vengeance for his unwanted attentions and the effects his actions have on their lives. Although Don Giovanni remains unmoved by these ladies efforts to reclaim their lives and virtue, he is made accountable for his womanizing, victimizing actions in the afterlife. Although set with comedic attributes, such as mistaken identity, the story leads the reader to the conclusion that our worldly actions have ramifications either in this life or the next and that accountability is inevitable. Donna Anna is the first of the woman seeking to right the wrongs brought upon her by the amorously aggressive Don Giovanni. Don Giovanni attacks the engaged Donna Anna, within her residence. A masked Giovanni attacks the young, engaged woman within her home. His attentions are unwelcomed and she chases him from the home crying, “You shan't flee unless you kill me.” Anna's father, the Commendatore, in pursuit of her attacker challenges him and is killed in the ensuing duel. Donn Ottavio, Anna's fiance
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don giovanni - The libretto for Don Giovanni by Lorenzo da...

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