pride and prejudice rj III

pride and prejudice rj III - Anneliese Antonucci Pride and...

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Anneliese Antonucci Pride and Prejudice – Response Journals 2 and 3 In the novel Pride and Prejudice written in the 17 th century, marriage is an important fact of life for women. You are considered an old maid if unmarried and past your mid-twenties. Women are financially dependent on their husbands because working outside the home is not socially acceptable. During this time period, it is the hope of all mothers to see their daughters comfortably “settled” with a financially stable husband. It is also the expectation that you marry into your own class. If a woman did not marry by some quirk of fate, she became financially reliant on her father and brothers. Sometimes, women would be force to work for their survival at low paying jobs or even as prostitutes if they had no remaining brothers. Mrs.Bennett has only one dream. Her dream is to see her daughters successfully married. Prostitution or employment is not what she wants for her daughters. Mrs. Bennett is obsessed throughout the book with the marital status and well being of her daughters. The author specifically states, “The business of her life was to get her daughters married.” (pg. 7) Unmarried daughters who remain at home effect the family’s social status and finances. The character illustrates how avidly she cares about money and social class when she says, “But I hope you will get over it, and live to see many young men of four thousand a year come into the neighborhood.” (pg. 7) By the conclusion of the book three of Mrs. Bennett’s five daughters are married to such men. Elizabeth, the second eldest daughter of Mrs. Bennett, is twenty. She is expected
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pride and prejudice rj III - Anneliese Antonucci Pride and...

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