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Anneliese Antonucci FYS100H Bernie Rodgers Why does Jane Austen pick the title, Pride and Prejudice ? In the first novel it seems that prejudice steps intolerance of different social classes. The intolerance is a result of people who have higher social classes possessing too much pride. Pride defined by the book is “cherish a feeling of competency on the score of some quality or other, real or imaginary. “ (pg.21) The different social class does and is allowed to interact. There is a distinct social difference. While they are allowed to interact I would seem that the middle class should not marry someone in the lower class. This also holds true to the upper class. This segregation of marriage and other political matters is a result of pride. The pride comes from thinking they are better than the class lower then themselves. Pride can also be the result of being too proud because of your lineage. Lineage is important to Mr. Darcey. Miss Lucas makes an excuse for him and
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