pride and prejudice rough draft 1

pride and prejudice rough draft 1 - Jane Austen was a...

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Jane Austen was a progressive woman of her time. She was born in the 18 th century into a middle class family. Her father had been born into a lower class unlike her mother who was born into an upper class. This gave her the opportunity to experience all classes. Jane’s brothers went onto become men in the military, clergy, and knighthood. This is illustrated in her book of Pride and Prejudice when describing Elizabeth Bennett’s experiences. Elizabeth Bennett had narrow options during her time but challenged what was expected of her. Elizabeth followed her passion and societal views. She did not let societal rules choose whom she should marry. She waited until she found love and money. Elizabeth Bennett was expected to marry her first offer of marriage. She did not marry Mr. Collins because of arrogance and mean understanding. Mr. Bennett was indifferent whether she married him or not. Mrs. Bennett was infuriated, since she knew that if anything happened to her father than Mr. Collins would inherit where they live. Mrs. Bennett had strategically planned her daughter’s encounters with certain suitors each for a different purpose. Elizabeth declining his offer in marriage in these circumstances was unheard of. This shows that Elizabeth has power. This can be supported by the idea that, “Before she married, a young girl possessed the power of what Moralists called “her Negative”: the right to resist or even reject the proposal of a suitor.” (Poovey, pg.29 ) This is a role reversal since men had more power in determining marriages in this society. Elizabeth pursuing this action and believe made her come to appear as a progressive woman. This is an evolutionary step for woman. The choice of Elizabeth not wanting a husband of mean understanding is similar
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pride and prejudice rough draft 1 - Jane Austen was a...

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