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Bio 344 Molecular Biology Fall 2006 Exam I (Oct. 5) Name ________________________________ UTEID__________________________________ Select the best answer for questions 1-45 (worth 2 pts each), and fill in the corresponding letter on the answer sheet. Answer questions 46 (10 pts) and 47 (3 pts, extra credit) on the test itself. 1. Which of the following is true regarding dNTPs a. the sugar is 2-deoxyribose b. they have 4 different bases connected to the no. 5 carbon of the sugar c. they contain one or more phosphates connected to the no. 3 carbon of the sugar d. they are used by telomerase and reverse transcriptase e. both a and d 2. The RNA World hypothesis posits that a. the very first living things on our planet were made of only RNA b. a key stage in the early evolution of life on earth was dominated by RNA c. peptidyl transferase is probably a remnant of the RNA World d. both b and c 3. In the DNA double helix, the phosphodiesters a. are linked to the OHs of the 3 rd and 5 th carbons of the sugars b. are positively charged c. are linked directly to each other d. none of the above 4-5. DNA is a (4)___-handed helix that, in the absence of H-bonding, is held together mainly by (5) _____ . a. left b. right c. phosphates d. base stacking e. cations 6. The base composition (i.e., %GC) of DNA determines the a. genetic content b. melting temperature c. density d. %AT e. b-d are all correct 7. The basic form or unit of RNA secondary structure a. is a double-stranded helix b. is a stem-loop c. contains a double-stranded helix region capped with an unpaired loop d. involves interhelix packing with Mg 2+ e. is both b and c 8. The theta structure of E. coli DNA refers to a a. recombination intermediate b. partially melted genome c. DNA with two replication forks d. DNA with one replication fork 1
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9. Bi-directional DNA replication a. requires 2 replication forks b. occurs in prokaryotes and eukaryotes c. was demonstrated by using EM and a radioactive thymidine precursor d. was demonstrated with the SV40 animal virus using EM and a restriction enzyme e. all of the above are correct 10. True or False. A replicon is the proteins necessary for DNA replication, assembled at a replication fork. a. True b. False 11. Which statement regarding proofreading, an important mechanism in DNA replication, is not true. a. It is performed by DNA Polymerases I and III in
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ex1_fall06 - Bio 344 Exam I (Oct. 5) Molecular Biology Fall...

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