exam 3 sample key - BIO 370 Below is my sample third exam...

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BIO 370 Sample Exam 3: With Answers Below is my sample third exam with the answers in red. Part I. Terms . [5 points for each term] For each term, provide a brief definition that also indicates why the term is important in evolutionary biology . Where appropriate, feel free to provide an example or draw a diagram. For example: Macroevolution Evolutionary change occurring above the level of the species [in contrast to microevolution which is evolutionary change at or below the level of the species] Primary contact zone the area of the hybrid zone in parapatric speciation. It is referred to as a primary contact zone because it arises without the two populations ever being geographically isolated Prezygotic isolation mechanisms that isolate one species from another that operate before the formation of the zygote. They are possible isolating mechanisms in the biological species concept and should arise early in sympatric speciation Neutral evolution Genetic variation that is not under selection. Its maintenance is governed by the neutral mutation rate and drift. Important in the debate concerning whether variation seen in organisms is neutral or under selection Objective classification a classification scheme that uses characters inherent in the organisms themselves. It prevents arbitrary groups from being formed. Jukes-Cantor (single parameter) model of DNA evolution a model of point mutations in DNA where every way that a nucleotide can evolve into another nucleotide is equally probable. Predicts the patterns of substitution we would see if the model were correct. Synapomorphy a shared derived character. A form of homology that allows us to unambiguously determine which species should be in a clade because it is uniquely shared by all members of the clade Part II. For each question write a short answer. Make your answers economical and to the point. Draw a diagram if that will help you to make your point. What is the difference between a rooted and an unrooted tree?
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exam 3 sample key - BIO 370 Below is my sample third exam...

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