exam 3 sample - BIO 370 385K.2 Sample Exam 3 Without...

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BIO 370, 385K.2 Sample Exam 3: Without Answers Below is a sample third exam without the answers. I strongly suggest you look at this first and try to answer the questions before looking at same exam with the key. This will help you to gauge whether you've answered the questions adequately and will prepare you best for answering the questions on this year's exam. Part I. Terms . [5 points for each term] For each term, provide a brief definition that also indicates why the term is important in evolutionary biology . Where appropriate, feel free to provide an example or draw a diagram. For example: Sympleisiomorphy : "a form of homology that is ancestral to a clade (monophyletic group) and is shared by two or more members of the clade but not all of the members of the clade.” 1. Macroevolution 2. Primary contact zone 3. Prezygotic isolation 4. Neutral evolution 5. Objective classification 6. Jukes-Cantor (single parameter) model of DNA evolution 7. Synapomorphy Part II. For each question write a short answer. Make your answers economical and to the point. Draw a diagram if that will help you to make your point.
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exam 3 sample - BIO 370 385K.2 Sample Exam 3 Without...

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