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2009 05 02 1 Direct Marketing Ch17. ADV305 Instructor: Jang Ho “Jay” Moon The Fundamentals of Advertising Apr 29, 2009 Today’s Ads Augmented Reality MINI created a print ad that when viewed though a web cam produces a virtual 3D model of their MINI Cabrio convertible on screen. The ad was featured in German automotive magazines It ll d t it t ith 3D dl f th Mi i hi l It allowed consumers to interact with a 3D model of the Mini vehicle using Augmented Reality technologies that almost every new computer owner has access to Today’s Ads Augmented Reality The combination of real world and computer generated data Augmented reality will blur the offline and online This technology will change the way we interact with information via traditional media This technology can transform advertising from being disruptive to be an exciting and engaging experience Marketers should think about how to leverage this technology US Advertising and Marketing Spending by Media (billions) Direct Marketing “Direct marketing is a measurable system of marketing that uses one or more advertising media to effect a measurable response and/or transaction at any location, with this activity stored in a database
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2009 05 02 2 Direct Marketing Synonymous term: Database Marketing A good database enables marketers to (1) target, segment, and grade customers (2) identify customers and prospects; what and when they purchase; and how to contact them Direct marketing (database marketing) builds and maintains a collection of data on current and prospective customers so companies can communicate with them using a variety of media One of the fastest growing marketing methods because it has proven to be a cost efficient method for increasing sales Direct Marketing Direct marketers use direct response (or action) advertising aimed at stimulating some action or response from the
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ADV305_Apr%2029 - 20090502 ADV305 The Fundamentals of...

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