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2009 04 08 1 Using Print Media Ch13. ADV305 Instructor: Jang Ho “Jay” Moon The Fundamentals of Advertising April 8, 2009 Media Buying The advertising production is complete Advertisers can turn to the tactical details of actually scheduling and buying media time on radio and television d di i i d and media space in magazine and newspapers. ¾ This is where the big money spent in advertising ¾ The person in charge of negotiating and contracting with the media is called a media buyer Media Buying ¾ A successful print media buyer… 1. Need broad understanding of all the forms of print media available and the terminology used 2. Need to know the pros and cons of each type of print media 3. Need to know how to analyze circulation, read rate cards, and calculate and negotiate the best media buys 4. Need creativity for developing ingenious, sophisticated ways to integrate print media efforts into the creative mix Magazine The Pros The Pros and Cons of Magazine Ad 1. Flexibility in readerships and advertising. Magazines cover the full range of prospects: they have a wide choice of regional and national coverage and a variety of lengths, approaches, and editorial tones. 2. Color gives readers visual pleasure, and color reproduction is best in slick magazines. Color enhances image and identifies the package. 3. Authority and believability
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ADV305_April%208 - 20090408 ADV305 The Fundamentals of...

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