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The Persuaders 1. Identify the problem(s) the current advertising industry faces. 2. List some efforts that advertisers and marketers use to try to overcome the problem(s). “What’s going on in the world of today’s marketers and advertisers?” The Persuaders “What’s going on in the world of today’s marketers and advertisers?” • Over exposure of ads clutter When trying to breakthrough the clutter, ads often just become a part of the clutter • Inspiring loyalty beyond reason (e.g. creating “Love Marks” Build consumer brand attachment through sentiment,
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Unformatted text preview: emotion, meaning Creating brand personalities (e.g. Song airlines) The Persuaders Whats going on in the world of todays marketers and advertisers? Consumers are now fast forwarding or ignoring ads with their new technologies PPL (Product Placement) Making the ads part of the program themselves Starbucks in I am Sam, Absolut Hunk in Sex and the City New technologies TiVo Implement various IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) tactics...
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