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BIO181 midterm-Rachel Bell

BIO181 midterm-Rachel Bell - click on Taxonomy icon Then...

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1) ANS: Title: "Clinical studies of vaccines targeting breast cancer." Authors:Ko BK, Kawano K, Murray JL, Disis ML, Efferson CL, Kuerer HM, Peoples GE, Ioannides CG. [Clin Cancer Res. (Journal) 2003 Aug 15;9(9):3222-34 (page numbers)] HOW: Search "cancer, vaccines" in PUBMED. Display "Abstract". Sort by "Pub Date". Still got too many results, so clicked advanced search and set publication date 1994-2004 (just to be safe), then CTRL-f to find the the first article with words "cancer" and "vaccine" in title and telomerase in abstract. 2) ANS: tax ID#:206890 and common name is Yellow shouldered dung Beetle (another synonym= Liatongus militaris) HOW: Search "oniticellus militaris: into NCBI, under all databases. Then
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Unformatted text preview: click on Taxonomy icon. Then click on "Liatongus militaris" blue link to find answers. 3)ANS:9 exons and chromosome 16 HOW: Search NCBI, search Protein for: "fibrillarin, zebrafish". Then click on top match, find chromosome #, then display FASTA, copy/paste seq. into BlastP. Click on top hit, and click on new sequence viewer. then count all red boxed regions. 4) ANS: longest ORF is 222 long, from 343 to 564. HOW: copied given seq. into ORF finder and saw longest ORF sequence out of 6 given ORF’s. 5) 6)ANS: Catalytic core begins at region 29-33(end). HOW:Clicked on given link and searched family name "Thioredoxin" in "view a pfam family".Then clicked HMM logo on left like instructed. 7)...
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