Econ 333 Question 1 - 1. After having viewed this film,...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. After having viewed this film, what do you think? Is Wal-mart good for America? Consider if Wal-mart is good for you, your families and other various groups of people in the U.S. You may decide to be for or against Wal-mart, but be sure to reference information from the film and some of the information you have learned about trade during this course to support your answer. After reviewing the film Frontlines Is Wal-mart Good for America? I believe and view personally that Wal-mart is overall not good for the American economy. After watching the film I at first thought that Wal-mart was in-fact good for economy. At a glance Wal-mart seems like a great company a so-called monopoly over leading goods at prices that the next leading company joins Wal-marts corporate enterprise to market their goods. At a consumers standpoint Wal-mart provides name-band goods at prices that other companys cannot afford to sell or sometimes even produce. Consumers like Wal-mart, although they do not realize that when we purchase good from Wal-mart we helping to put Americans...
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Econ 333 Question 1 - 1. After having viewed this film,...

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