ECON 333 Question 3. - Name:____________________

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Unformatted text preview: Name:____________________ PSUID:________________________PSUemail:____________________ 3. Discuss the role that foreign exchange rates play in U.S. - China trade relations. Is the Chinese Yuan considered to be over or under valued? How would this incorrect valuation impact Chinese exports and the U.S.s bilateral trade deficit with China? If Chinas currency appreciates significantly against the dollar, what impact could this have on Wal-marts business practices? Wal-Mart imports 80% of its consumer goods from China into the United States. The United States greatest importers that we do business of a global standing is China. Foreign exchanges rates between the United States and China play vital roles within trade relations among each country. The United States businesses today are sending more of their corporate offices to foreign nations because of cheap labor and product costs. Exchanges rates from producing and selling goods made in foreign nations to the United States go from a low dollar value to a more substantial dollar value the...
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ECON 333 Question 3. - Name:____________________

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