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University of Kentucky CLA 131: Medical Terminology Summer 2009 Section 020 Course Administrator: Lauree Keith email,; phone, 257-7014 Office Hours: TR 11:00 – 12:00, POT 1022 COURSE SUMMARY: CLA 131, Medical Terminology, is designed to acquaint the student with medical terminologies that derive from Latin and Greek and to explore the etymologies through which medical prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms from those two languages came into their modern usages in the various departments of medicine. Unlike a normal classroom course, CLA 131 is a computer-assisted, self-paced course designed for students planning careers in the health services. Students study independently using the text and available computer resources and are tested through the semester on their competency with the material. COURSE OBJECTIVES: The objectives of the course include the following: 1. To bring the student to a level at which he or she is familiar with current medical terminology; 2. To provide the students with the basic techniques of medical word building (i.e., how medical terms come about); 3. To explore the Latin and Greek roots of medical terminologies, examining their etymologies; 4. To provide contexts for the applications of medical terminologies in areas such as anatomy, physiology, and pathology. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS:
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This note was uploaded on 08/25/2009 for the course CLA 131 taught by Professor Wiener during the Summer '08 term at Kentucky.

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syllabus2008summer - University of Kentucky CLA 131:...

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