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[email protected] AIDS and HIV: Fact or Fiction “AIDS/ HIV skeptics” believe that the virus (HIV is not a virus it is a retrovirus) is harmless, that HIV does not exist and that derivation of AIDS is still unknown, among many other interesting positions taken on AIDS/HIV as the way it is transmitted, that it has never actually been isolated to be examined and how they believe tests run are useless. Persons who are making these claims are not “average Joe’s” they are prominent and even highly exemplified professors in molecular biology, physicists, physiologists, immunologists, and people who hold great titles of scientific achievement such as Nobel Prize winners. All of these persons making their claims are “credible” as they have all, for the most part have made exemplary contributions to science. As AIDS/HIV is a fairly new area of research and an area of virology that is quite “gray” great minds have taken very selective and specific approaches. The approaches taken by all so called skeptics, are such because traditional, formal scientific methods that aid in understanding a virus of any nature have failed to give authoritative answers, just good hypothesis that are able to be replicated most of the time. Thus, another approach has been taken by these so called skeptics, and as we see in other sciences, such as psychology, ecology etc, a sociobiological approach has been attained by most in order to discover the source and origination of this illness. They are all looking for a pattern that will explain the AIDS/HIV relationship or the cause of AIDS with a
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hiv_aids_fact - This was a report that got me distinguished...

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