11 many adult tissues contain terminally

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Unformatted text preview: ? 9. How would siRNA against Ced-3 affect the development of C. elegans? 12. What is the critical property of stem cells? 10. You have isolated a polypeptide from a toxic plant, which localizes to mitochondria after endocytosis by mammalian cells. The polypeptide aggregates and 13. What are the potential advantages of embryonic stem cells as compared to adult stem cells for therapeutic applications? 3. You have expressed mutants of nuclear lamins in human fibroblasts. The Asp residue in the caspase cleavage site has been mutated to Glu in these lamins. How would these mutant lamins affect the progression of apoptosis? 4. How do Bcl-2 family proteins regulate apoptosis in mammalian cells? 5. How does p53 activation in response to DNA damage affect cell cycle progression and cell survival? 6. You have constructed a Bad mutant in which the Akt phosphorylation site has References and Further Reading Programmed Cell Death Danial, N. K. and S. J. Korsmeyer. 2004. Cell death: Critical control points. Cell 116...
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