171 website animation apoptosis during apoptosis

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Unformatted text preview: tion or injury. 17.1 WEBSITE ANIMATION Apoptosis During apoptosis, chromosomal DNA is usually fragmented, the chromatin condenses, the nucleus breaks up, and the cell shrinks and breaks into apoptotic bodies. UNCORRECTED PAGE PROOFS 4 CHAPTER 17 KEY EXPERIMENT Identification of Genes Required for Programmed Cell Death Genetic Control of Programmed Cell Death in the Nematode C. elegans Hilary M. Ellis and H. Robert Horvitz Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA Cell, 1986, Volume 44, pages 817–829 The Context By the 1960s cell death was recognized as a normal event during animal development, implying that it was a carefully regulated process with specific cells destined to die. The simple nematode C. elegans, which has been a critically important model system in developmental biology, proved to be key to understanding both the regulation and the mechanism of such programmed cell deaths. Microscopic analysis in the 1970s established a complete map of C. elegans development so that the embryonic origin and fate of each cell...
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