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Unformatted text preview: RMS COMPANION WEBSITE Visit the website that accompanies The Cell ( for animations, videos, quizzes, problems, and other review material. programmed cell death, necrosis, apoptosis PROGRAMMED CELL DEATH The Events of Apoptosis: Programmed cell death plays a key role in both the maintenance of adult tissues and embryonic development. In contrast to the accidental death of cells from an acute injury, programmed cell death takes place by the active process of apoptosis. Apoptotic cells and cell fragments are then efficiently removed by phagocytosis. Genes responsible for the regulation and execution of apoptosis were initially identified by genetic analysis of C. elegans. See Website Animation 17.1 caspase, apoptosome Caspases: The Executioners of Apoptosis: The caspases are a family of proteases that are the effectors of apoptosis. Caspases are classified as either initiator or effector caspases, and both function in a cascade leading to cell death. In mammalian cells, the major initiator caspase is activated in a...
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