Programmed cell death programmed cell death is

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Unformatted text preview: medicine. Programmed Cell Death Programmed cell death is carefully regulated so that the fate of individual cells meets the needs of the organism as a whole. In adults, programmed cell death is responsible for balancing cell proliferation and maintaining constant cell numbers in tissues undergoing cell turnover. For example, about 5 × 1011 blood cells are eliminated daily in humans by programmed cell death, balancing their continual production in the bone marrow. In addition, programmed cell death provides a defense mechanism by which damaged and potentially dangerous cells can be eliminated for the good of the organism as a whole. Virus-infected cells frequently undergo proThis material cannot be copied, reproduced, manufactured, or disseminated in any form without express written permission from the publisher. © 2009 Sinauer Associates, Inc. UNCORRECTED PAGE PROOFS 2 CHAPTER 17 grammed cell death, thereby preventing the production of new virus particles and limiting spread of the virus through the host...
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