Induced pluripotent stem cell this material cannot be

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Unformatted text preview: UNCORRECTED PAGE PROOFS 30 CHAPTER 17 Questions 1. Why is cell death via apoptosis more advantageous to multicellular organisms than cell death via acute injury? been mutated such that Akt no longer phosphorylates it. How would expression of this mutant affect cell survival? 2. What molecular mechanisms regulate caspase activity? 7. How would expression of siRNA targeted against 14-3-3 proteins affect apoptosis? forms large channels in the mitochondrial outer membrane, releasing proteins from the intermembrane space into the cytoplasm. How will treatment with this polypeptide affect mammalian cells in culture? 8. You are considering treatment of a leukemic patient with TNF. Upon further analysis you determine that the leukemic cells have an inactivating mutation of caspase-8. Will treatment with TNF be an effective therapy for this patient? 11. Many adult tissues contain terminally differentiated cells that are incapable of proliferation. However, these tissues can regenerate following damage. What gives these tissues their regenerative capabilities...
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