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Homework Assignment FINAL - Cori Lindeman In this problem...

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Cori Lindeman BIO 315 Problem Set # 5 In this problem set we will touch base on the vesicular traffic, secretion endocytosis, cell organization and
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Homework Assignment #5 (due date Friday, April 24, 5pm) Last 6 digit SID: 10668240 (22pts) 1) You are tracing the path of a secretory protein from its synthesis to its export from a cell. You have added radioactive amino acids to a culture of cells, and then measured the amount of radioactivity that shows up in the proteins of each of the cell fraction. List the order in which proteins of these fractions first exhibit radioactivity: (1 pt) I secretory vesicles II Golgi complex III rough ER IV smooth ER V nucleus a. III, II, I, out of the cell b. III, II, IV, V, out of the cell c. V, III, II, I, out of the cell d. IV, III, II, I, out of the cell 2) Uptake of low density lipoproteins (LDL) occurs by _____, whereas retrieval of plasma membrane after extensive secretory activity occurs by ______. (1 pt) a. receptor mediated endocytosis, bulk phase endocytosis b. bulk phase endocytosis, receptor mediated endocytosis c. receptor mediated endocytosis, receptor mediated endocytosis d. bulk phase endocytosis, bulk phase endocytosis 3) A certain integral protein of the plasma membrane has two transmembrane domains in which both the C terminus and the N terminus are directed toward the cell exterior in the mature protein. Where are the C and N termini located when the protein is newly translocated into the RER membrane? Into the Golgi? Into the secretory vesicles? (2 pt) The types of proteins that have this quality are from a large family of G –protein coupled receptor which can contain seven transmembrane a helices. They are the most abundant type IV-B proteins where the N – terminus extends into the exoplasmic space. The N termini when first a helix inserts the nascent chain into the translocoon the N termini
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Homework Assignment FINAL - Cori Lindeman In this problem...

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